Our Story

Forged from Experience

In 1983 after serving three years in the United States Army, Ted Johanson began his career in specialized delivery and dedicated distribution by driving as a Medical Courier picking up lab specimens on a daily route while attending college at the University of South Florida in Tampa. Since that time, he has held just about every position that one could have in a delivery organization to include courier, accounting clerk, Operations Manager, Regional Operations Manager, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing, and President/CEO.

Ted has worked for organizations with as few as 25 employees and drivers, to some of the largest organizations in trucking and delivery with over 5,000 employees and drivers.

Through his visionary approach to sales and marketing, in a period of only ten years, he was instrumental in transforming a local Tampa Bay messenger company into one of the leading national providers of specialized medical distribution in the United States serving long term care pharmacies, clinical and pathology laboratories, and other major healthcare industries.

Mission Critical Delivery Solutions began operations in April of 2013, with a passion to serve industries that can’t afford a failed delivery. Healthcare providers naturally fall into that category as there is very little room for error on a medical delivery. Today, Mission Critical serves healthcare providers throughout the United States with the capability to serve customers anywhere in America. The Mission Critical slogan, “failure is not an option” is not just an empty promise, and customers rely on us to live up to that promise every day.

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