Rush, Hotshot or Stat: On-Demand means you need it now.

And that’s what we do! We’ll deliver immediately from your location directly to the delivery point, with a guaranteed pickup at your location within 60 minutes of any On-Demand delivery request. Picked up within 60 minutes – Delivered immediately with no stops along the way!

Multiple On-Demand

We understand that although sometimes an On-Demand is truly an emergency, many times it’s just a delivery that can’t wait for the scheduled route delivery time. When that happens, we can send them together, (only at your direction and approval of course), and save you money on what we call a PRN run, or as needed.

Either way, rest assured that when an On-Demand delivery request is made, it is treated with our highest level of attention and delivered as fast as the law will allow!

To learn more, please contact us.