Dedicated Route

Set your watch by it!

These are your custom delivery routes that deliver from your location to a pre-scheduled group of delivery locations in a particular area, or, as in the case of medical laboratories, pickup from a pre-scheduled group of pickup locations with delivery back to a central location.

Your Dedicated Routes are your routes, to run however you like. Want to run it backward one night? No problem. Want certain locations to deliver first? We got it covered. Got a new prospect that demands a special delivery time? We’ll make it happen!

It’s your dedicated fleet and your dedicated drivers! The Dedicated Route service is tailored to how you want it run to best meet the needs of your customers.

That being said, we’ll optimize your routes and tell you the most cost efficient way, but we understand that sometimes other things dictate how a route is run and in the end, they’re your routes. So enjoy! You’ve got a dedicated fleet at your disposal!

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