Mission Critical Delivery Solutions Lab Technicians

Failure? – Not an Option

Before you come to work here, whether you’re a manager, driver, dispatcher, or senior executive, you have to understand this: we can’t afford failure.

Instilled in every member of our organization is the Mission Critical “Failure is not an option” attitude and culture.

In Healthcare, when we fail a delivery, it means someone’s condition goes undiagnosed, someone’s pain is unalleviated, someone’s health doesn’t improve, or worse.

In financial services and other mission critical industries, when we fail a delivery millions of dollars are spent, accounts are lost, and people may even lose their jobs.

In the pizza delivery business when a pizza is late, well, it’s a little cold.
-That’s why we don’t deliver pizzas!

Mission Critical Delivery Solutions PatientAt Mission Critical we realize that the real beneficiary of our efforts is the frail and elderly patient who relies on us to deliver life enhancing medicine, each and every day, or the person awaiting a doctor’s diagnosis, 80% of which will rely on the laboratory’s test results of the specimen we’re transporting.

With that knowledge comes the responsibility to do everything we can – so that we never let them down.

Our people live by it.
Our reputation depends on it.
Our customers rely on it.

Failure is Not an Option!