You do your best. We treat you fairly.

If you like driving without someone looking over your shoulder, then consider becoming a Critical Service Provider (driver) for us.

Mission Critical Delivery Solutions Worker
The Critical Link
The most vital employee in our organization is the Critical Service Provider who delivers on behalf of our customers. No one in our organization comes in contact with our customers and our customer’s customer more than they do. No one else in our organization can have a bigger impact on our service than they can. Finally, no one else in our organization can directly generate revenue for our company, can have a bigger impact on our bottom line, and is the face of Mission Critical Delivery on a daily basis. That’s why at every level of our organization we are focused on one primary goal – making the driving job of our Critical Service Providers safer, easier, and more enjoyable on the road.

Critical Service Providers
We call our drivers Critical Service Providers (CSPs) because they have completed an extensive training program that insures that they can operate in a critical service environment with very little room for error. Anybody can be a driver, not everyone can become a Critical Service Provider.

No IC’s Here!
Although the vast majority of companies in our industry would classify you as an independent contractor (IC), as a CSP for Mission Critical, you are an employee of Mission Critical, with all of the rights and benefits of an employer-employee relationship under the law. You are not an IC.

Employee – Owner Operator
The vast majority of our CSPs are owner operators. That means that we pay you as an employee of the company, and reimburse you mileage for fuel and the use of your personal vehicle. What type of vehicle do you need? Well, that depends on the customer’s requirements, but usually a fuel efficient small SUV/Crossover, mini-van, station wagon, or sometimes even a car will work. When you look at our job openings, be sure to see the type of vehicle required. Larger vehicle requirements are usually handled by one of our company vehicles.

Reliable – Steady Income
Since most of our delivery routes are scheduled routes that don’t change much from day to day, you’ll know what you’re going to be paid each week without much fluctuation in pay. If you want to make more than that, then you can always make yourself available for additional emergency order work as well. Whether you’re looking to supplement your regular income or looking to work your way into full-time and beyond, we’ll always try and give you as much or as little work as you want.

Pay & Mileage Reimbursement
Mission Critical insures that we are paying our drivers and reimbursing them at a rate that exceeds the industry standard. Additionally, unlike an independent contractor, you are provided with all the required tools of your job to include uniforms, communication devices, clipboards, and hand trucks, at no cost to you, and there aren’t any of those administrative fees deducted from your pay either.

Fuel Surcharge
Mission Critical has fuel surcharge agreements in place with all of its customers so that as fuel prices spike, our Critical Service Providers are protected with fuel surcharge reimbursements to supplement their normal reimbursement amount.

Rewards and Special Incentives for Critical Service Providers
We believe in the philosophy of “catching people doing things right” and rewarding them for their successes. Mission Critical has a number of incentive programs that show our appreciation on a regular basis for doing your best!