Military Hiring

Mission Critical Delivery Solutions MilitaryAt Mission Critical Delivery Solutions, we respect and honor the people who proudly serve our country, so we work hard to provide separating military, retired military, and National Guard and Reserve personnel career opportunities to help them succeed. Mission Critical’s dedication to honoring and providing opportunities for the military stems from the service in the United States Army of Ted Johanson, company President/CEO. His experience during that time and since taught him that military personnel are hard-working natural leaders, which makes them valuable employees. Mission Critical participates with the “Transition Goals Plans Success” (Transition-GPS) program, to help separated military personnel find the right job, program or opportunity as they transition to civilian life.

Military Leave
Mission Critical will grant employees military leave to attend National Guard or reserve active duty training for a maximum of two weeks each year. While the two weeks of active duty training are being served, benefits will remain in effect. Additionally, employees can attend the training without losing any of their accrued vacation time. Should you be called to active duty, you will retain your status as a regular employee, (without pay or benefits), while on active duty and upon your return from active duty your position will be restored.