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Medical laboratory specimens require serious attention to detail. It’s much more than point A to point B, and we know it.

Driver Training
Mission Critical drivers are trained on the seriousness of each specimen they handle and the repercussions involved if procedures are not followed exactly.

Mission Critical customer specific training manuals, accompanying videos, and examinations train your drivers to the uncompromising standard of excellence required to deliver laboratory specimens on your behalf. Training includes:

Mission Critical Delivery Solutions Lab

  • Safe Handling of Lab Specimens
  • Temperature Handling
  • Coolers & Cooling Elements
  • Temperature Validator Monitors
  • Chain of Custody
  • Blood borne Pathogens – Biohazards
  • Personal Protective Equipment
  • Using Spill Kits
  • HIPAA Compliance

Thermal Validation Technology
It’s not enough to hope things are at the specified temperature for a certain type of specimen test, you have to know it.

Mission Critical provides clients in either a hospital, clinical, or pathology lab environment, thermal – temperature validation technology and courier coolers that insure the integrity of each specimen while in transit. If cooler temperatures approach unacceptable levels, an alarm alerts the driver to take corrective action immediately. Additionally, if there’s ever a question regarding the integrity of a specimen, your Mission Critical manager can generate historic temperature validation reports to prove with precise detail that the integrity of specimens has not been compromised while in transit. Now that’s some “cool” technology!

Real-Time Data
Mission Critical laboratory clients can take full advantage of our state of the art bar-code and GPS tracking systems to track chain of custody, total number of specimens, their type, testing code, or whatever specifics you can dream of. By working together with your Mission Critical management team, a barcode system can be tailored to the specific requirements of your laboratory to greater enhance and improve your lab’s efficiency and work flow.
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Employee Drivers Covered by Workers Compensation
Sounds like a given, right? You’d be surprised! With rare exceptions, companies that utilize independent contractors usually do not carry workers compensation on the contract driver exposing the driver, you, and your customer, to unnecessary risk.
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Sense of Urgency
We know what it means if we fail. It means that another human being is affected adversely. At Mission Critical we realize that the majority of a doctor’s diagnosis is riding on the results of the laboratory tests on the specimens that are riding with us! We take very seriously the important link in this process that has been entrusted to us. Every driver understands this and shares that sense of urgency when they put all of their training into action on your behalf.