Failure is not an option.

We really believe that. But more than just believing it or just saying it, we’ve put in place industry and customer specific training solutions to insure that every driver is trained to your specific policies, procedures, and governmental requirements.

You see we believe that just about everyone wants to do a good job, but it’s hard to do that if you don’t know how.

New Account Orientations
For every new account implementation, a training orientation will be held to train new drivers to what is expected of them. At these two day long affairs, drivers are put through an extensive training program to your procedures, company expectations and rewards, as well as the use of the technology platform. Additionally if you so desire, you or one of your representatives are welcome to attend and can even address the new recruits if you wish.

Mission Critical Delivery Solutions Training ManualsTraining Manuals
Industry and customer specific training manuals walk each new driver through our requirements, our customer’s policies, and the “how to” of each and every procedure they will encounter while on the road and at the pick up or delivery point. Step by step instructions insure that each new driver is made aware of what is expected of them. The manual is made a part of each driver’s tools to keep on their vehicle at all times so that they can refer to it as often as needed while working on your behalf.

Video Training
Are you a visual learner? Some people definitely learn better from seeing rather than reading. In addition to our printed materials, Mission Critical also utilizes video training modules created specifically for the industries and customers we serve. Having video resources also ensures that every new driver that is hired on after the initial new account orientation will receive a complete orientation as well.

Field Training – Route Reconnaissance
We don’t want lost drivers – ever! Every new driver will run at least two “route recons” prior to actually making deliveries. For a new account this means that each driver will go out on their proposed route at least twice with GPS navigation devices and directions to ensure that they know where they are going – before they really have to go there. Additionally, each new driver on an on-going basis will ride at least two times with an experienced Mission Critical driver or manager before they are allowed to “fly solo.”

Certification Exam
Once a new driver has completed his training, he is required to take a certification exam specific to your industry and policies and procedures. This exam is usually given on the second day of an orientation after a final review session. On an on-going basis, Mission Critical creates industry and customer specific on-line certification exams. Drivers must pass with a score of 90% or better before they are allowed to deliver as your Mission Critical – Critical Service Provider.