The Most Important Link – Our Drivers.

To be able to properly train and motivate our drivers, we believe it’s essential they be employees of our company with all of the benefits and protections afforded under the law. Our employee drivers are accountable, properly trained, and motivated to do their best on your behalf! Companies that classify their drivers as independent contractors just can’t exercise that same level of control.

It’s simple
At Mission Critical – your procedures become our procedures, and we have no problem managing and training our drivers to the most demanding standards of quality.

You see, with drivers that are employees of the company, Mission Critical Delivery Solutions can legally…

  • Direct and manage your drivers
  • Give specific direction on the route order that you require
  • Insure that your drivers never refuse a delivery request
  • Train all drivers on your special requirements
  • Create extensive driver training materials
  • Require that drivers pass a training examination
  • Create and distribute policy memos
  • Keep drivers accountable for their appearance, attitude, and timeliness
  • Reprimand and praise delivery performance
  • Conduct mandatory policy meetings
  • Create incentive programs that reward and encourage top performance
  • We can even invite them to the company picnic!

In short, utilizing employee drivers gives us the ability to make our drivers part of our organization. An important aspect of our service when you consider that the driver is in fact, the most important link in our organization!

Besides all that, we just think it’s the right thing to do.